Foundation Program

  • Mightier game library for all your kids
  • Mighty Band heart rate monitor with real-time tracking
  • 6 parent coach sessions with a clinician
  • Unlimited emails with your parent coach
  • Online Hub, to track progress and connect with other parents
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Helping your child learn emotional control through play.


 $19/mo after first 3-months, free shipping! 

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Build Emotional Strength in 3 Months

Questions?  1-888-978-7495 or   learn more

Expert parent support

  • Licensed Mightier Coach to understand your family’s unique situation via six 30-minute phone calls  
  • Guidance throughout the program from introducing Mightier into your home to how to make the most of it with your child  

Mightier Member Hub
Manage your experience in one place online

  • See kid-progress data  
  • Manage your coaching schedule  
  • Connect with our private parent community    
  • Find helpful information curated by our coaching team

Mightier game app

  • Unlimited access to the full game library for all kinds of players     
  • New games added every month   

Mighty Band 

  • 8 hour battery life   
  • IP67 waterproof   
  • 1 year replacement warranty   

Shipping & returns 

  • Free shipping within the US and Canada   
  • Full refund within 90 days

iOS v11.0 or later
iPhone 6 or later
iPad 4 or later

Android 5.1 or later
2GB of RAM or more
Bluetooth LE

Once you purchase Mightier you can download the app for iOS or Android

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