How Mightier Works

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Developed, tested, and proven at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Mightier is a bioresponsive program that harnesses the mind body connection to build emotional regulation in its players. The program accomplishes this through the most significant occupation of the child - PLAY!! Children have fun playing the games, and enjoy practicing strategies for self control.

We’re not here to talk….  We’re here to play.

We have over 1,000 families in the program, and many of them are using it in conjunction with a therapist.

How does Mightier fit into my Pediatric OT practice?

Pediatric OT’s are integrating Mightier in combination with other evidenced-based techniques successfully in their sessions across settings. While kids do what kids do best, play, therapists easily establish rapport, and sustain motivation and engagement with this bioresponsive gaming software. To progress through the games, children must repeatedly practice deep breathing techniques, cognitive behavioral approaches, and mind-body connection tools.

The visual feedback from the Mighty gauge in combination with the physical feedback of the heart beat increases a child’s understanding of the mind-body connection. This awareness allows the child to recognize they have control to change their response in the face of a challenge. As children start to recognize their internal cues to stress, worry, or anger, they begin to generalize the use of tools such as deep breathing when confronted with those same cues in a real life situation

We have a growing community of OT’s who have purchased the program for use in their practice.  One account can have multiple players, and data isn’t shared between players.  For a limited time, OT’s can purchase just one system that allows for unlimited kids to play. Families can choose to practice their Mightier skills at home by investing in their own system. 


He understands now the relationship between his behavior and heart rate, he can see something responding to him and knows he has control over the games and his emotions. It's the first thing we've seen or tried that has met his needs in terms of interest and ACTUALLY helping him successfully.


Mom to 8 year old boy

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Occupational Therapists are using the bioresponsive technology of Mightier to build automaticity and self-regulation in pediatric clients.

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How are OTs supported in the Program?

Therapists are never left on their own to “figure it out” with Mightier.  Mightier offers training, evidence based research, and opportunities to network with OT’s just like you.

Mightier has developed webinar based trainings that will give OT’s hands-on skills to immediately implement Mighiter with their clients.  This one hour training will offer a discussion on the OT role in mental health and self regulation, evidenced-based strategies for using play as a therapeutic tool, a variety of tools and techniques for calming, information on documenting effectiveness across clinical, school and home settings, and billing for the use of Mightier in sessions.


Join us for an introductory webinar to learn how Mightier's bioresponsive games can benefit your practice

Wednesday, Nov 28
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Evidence Based Research

Our OT- Mightier community members have seen the positive results with their own pediatric clients.  Mightier has successfully completed clinical trials in other mental health disciplines.  In order to further the support for the efficacy of both occupational therapy and Mightier as treatment approaches for dysregulation, impulsivity, and poor emotional control, Mightier OT’s are currently conducting research on the use of Mightier in pediatric OT settings.  

Our OT-Mightier community is supported by seasoned OT’s who have been using Mightier since its inception. The OT-Mightier Monthly Working Group and Secret Facebook Group offer a private space to share experiences and learn. This community is a trusted place for you to turn to for advice, camaraderie and information from  fellow OT’s who face the same challenges as you.

Community Support

Special Offer! $25 off

For OTs and Clients

For a limited time only,  use with an unrestricted number of children on your caseload as well as one free consultation with an experienced Mightier OT

Kids wear the Mighty band, a heart rate monitor that interfaces with the video games on the Mightier platform.  The heart rate comes to life on the screen, visibly changing how the games work.

As kids’ heart rates climb in play, the Mightier Gizmo lights up red and the game gets harder to play.  As kids’ heart rates decrease, the Gizmo lowers to blue and gaming may continue. 

Kids are rewarded for making these shifts in arousal with Mightier acorns.   They collect these acorns to unlock new games.  The child's mind-body connection is building as they engage in their most important occupation, play. 

Meet our Therapeutic Team

Erina White, PhD, MPH, MSW is the Clinical Services Director and VP of Parent Services for Mightier. She is also a clinical researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, psychotherapist in private practice, and holds faculty appointments at the University of New Hampshire Department of Social Work, Simmons School of Social Work and Harvard Medical School. Dr. White is a graduate of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Simmons School of Social Work and Smith College.

Bridget Dujardin, MS, OTR/L is the founder and clinical director of Boston Sensory Solutions, LLC, a private pediatric occupational therapy clinic. She has 20 years of experience working directly with children and adults who experience a wide variety of social-emotional and self-regulation challenges in their daily lives. Bridget has a BA in Psychology from Boston College and an MS in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University.

Julie Robinson received her occupational therapy degree from Boston University in 1991, and has over 25 years of experience working as a therapist.  She works with children from birth through adolescence, and has expertise in the areas of sensory processing, autism spectrum disorders, and trauma.  Julie has worked in both school system and clinic settings, and has extensive experience training new graduates, as they work towards their licensure to provide occupational therapy services.

Melissa Feldman, M.Ed., OTR/L, is an experienced Occupational Therapist, spending over 20 years working directly with children, their caregivers, and educators across school, home and community settings. Utilizing a whole-child approach that integrates play with purpose, Melissa specializes in developing customized programs to improve a child’s participation at home and in community. Melissa received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of New Hampshire and her Masters of Education Degree with a specialization in Assistive Technologies & Universal Design from Simmons College. 

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Interested in how Mightier can benefit your practice?
Intro webinar Nov 28, 12-1pm EST

Leah Kuypers, MA.Ed, OTR/L graduated from the University of Madison, WI with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy. As the creator and author of The Zones of Regulation,  Leah desires to provide others with information on a framework used to foster self-regulation and emotional control.  Her book (Think Social Publishing, 2011)  has been enthusiastically received by educators, therapists and parents around the world.    In addition to developing additional learning tools to supplement The Zones curriculum, she owns a small business, Kuypers Consulting, Inc., based out of Minneapolis, MN .